Why aren't there web sites for Christian Fiction authors as in

"If you like this author then try" ..............

I find a lot for secular authors but none who are Christian Fiction authors.

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I'm sorry if I didn't make myself clear but this week has not been a good one.

I can better explain it this way.

If you like Karen Kingsbury you will love ???

If you like Charles Martin you will love ???

In other words, I need names of Christian Fiction authors who write books similar to Karen Kingsbury, Charles Martin, etc. etc.

Thanks for helping me with this.

Uh oh, sorry about that.  If you just type in "authors similar to Karen Kingsbury, or whoever, a list will come up that includes the website at Good Reads. Click on that and you will get a whole list.  However, you can do this by using Good Reads search bar -- you have to start at the address bar each time.  I did one for Davis Bunn and Bodie Thoene and Karen Kingsbury.  Hope this helps.  

Thanks for helping me with this.

I had no idea where to look.

Ann --- what I nice & helpful list you gave with all the links! Thank you! Although the original question was mistooken, I find this a fun list to look through.

Thanks Janet for asking your question. I'd like to do the same type search as you with certain books for our Junior & Youth sections. 

Linda, you are very welcome.  I very happy that you have found the links helpful.



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