Our library is planning a grand re-opening sometime in the fall of 2011.  I would like to put together a promotional gift bag, one for the adults and one for the kids, which includes information on our library as well as some freebies.  Currently, we are running on a very LOW budget, so these items would need to be low cost.


Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas for what I can purchase to include in these bags?  (I have already thought about bookmarks, pencils, and pens). 



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Check with your local fast food places for coupons for free food for the children.  Check with restaurants and see if they would sponsor some coupons for the adults.  Check with your city and see if they have some pens and perhaps some stickers or other items they could give.  Insurance agencies will often give calendars and list keepers for your purse or wallet.  Christian radio stations have been good at giving free CD's or other items.  Not every bag would have the same thing, but it would be a way to get some free items to add to your budget problem.  Local retail stores will often give coupons for percents off a purchase, some will give actual gifts.  Your bookstores should participate, call in the favor from where you shop.  I know that you can get freebies.  Get a committee together and go  "knock" on doors in order to get all this free for your bags.  The givers will reap rewards from the pleasure of the customers who will appreciate this in the lagging economy.           Rita Kirkland, Euless, Texas

We had a re-opening of our library a couple of years ago and gave each child a gift bag. I put in a books of the Bible bookmark left over from a previous celebration, a small package of "bookworms" (gummi worms, bought in bulk and packaged by volunteers) and a colorful little book with our denomination's creed.  For the adults I made up a booklet with a brief history of the library, information and reviews of books from the past year. Everyone was happy with their "gift".

Ask your local Christian bookstores if they can contribute small books and bookmarks for the children, they sometimes have CD's that they are willing to donate.  Kay Houghton Ontario, Canada

We make our own bookmarks.  That might save you some money.  Granted, they are not as shiny and graphic as purchased ones, but they work.  I get cardstock and print up 5 on each 8.5 x 11 page, then cut them with the office paper cutter.  I list about 5 or 6 new acquisitions.  Usually I place one inside a book when it is checked out, but you could just print up a bunch to place inside your bags as a 'teaser' gift.



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