Most local libraries seem to put the first 3 letters of the title on the visible spine so they are shelved alphabetically by title.  I plan to do this, but also think that I need to establish broad categories and identify those on the spine label and then shelve alphabetically within each category.  My question is:  what categories do you suggest for a church library?  Do you have a better way to shelve and organize DVDs?  Exactly how do you do it?  My thinking is to use maybe MUSIC, BIBLE STUDY, DRAMA/MOVIES, SCIENCE, SERMONS  Not sure what else would be helpful.  Seems like if a patron wants to see what movies we have, they can go to that section and look rather than having to browse them all.  I really just need to know how you organize your DVDs.  Does anyone assign Dewey numbers to them?

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We have three separate DVD sections: Kids', Instructional, and "regular".  The "regular" contains basically movies.  the "instructional" area contains DVD's that are, well, instructional - dvd's about historical topics or Creation or taped sermons, etc. 

This level of division works well for us.



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