How to you label DVDs? 

Kids vs Adult section. But then I see comments about fiction and non fiction, Movie and Teaching 

What do you put on the spine?

To keep Veggie Tales together for example, the letters would need to include VEG or they’ll be all mixed up. 

So, first line AF- DVD or ANF-DVD or CF-DVD or CNF-DVD?

Secind line series title (first three letters) and if there isn’t one just the first three letters of the title?

anything else? Series number?

thank you!!

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I have a separate audio-visual section and my Concourse library software allows for this also.  So I usually keep it simple and just label with the particular AV type (dvd, cd, etc) and the next number in the sequence (DVD1, DVD 2, etc).

We keep it pretty simple. DVD followed by the first three letter of the title, and J DVD and the first three letters, for the kids’ ones (and yes, we do put all Veggietales under VEG so they are shelved together).

DVD’s which are educational in nature, or not plain movies, we do as follows:

INS DVD followed by the first three letters of the title. INS stands for “instructional”. We have a separate shelving area for these. 

I sure you have the answer you want, but if you ir you want to label the DVD disc itself, don't use adhesive labels. (You risk throwing the disc off balance and causing playback problems.)

I suggest using that good old Sharpie ink pen on the disc.



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