Please help me understand the difference between 213 & 231.765 Dewey Decimal numbers for Creation. 

Example: "5 Reasons to Believe in Recent Creation" , by Henry M. Morris III  ---- where would you classify this book? 

My next primary focus (this upcoming year) is to streamline the Adult nonfiction section. We're a small library, and yet with apparent incosistencies by various librarians in classifications. 

Thanks so much for your help. 

Linda S 

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Unfortunately, we cannot do a completely updated edition. Eva Nell is working on update information that we will have in article format on the CLN. That way you can go in and update your copy of the book.

I got my wires crossed when I replied about the book  A Classification System for Church Libraries. Eva Nell is currently working on an article with information about the updates to Sears Subject Headings. Then she is going to research the changes with Dewey. We will send a broadcast when these are available.

Thank you ever so much! We look forward to all updates. 


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