This book was read and enjoyed by two of our staff, one of whom went to Israel shortly after reading the book. She said the book definitely enhanced her experience there. There's no verso info on a suggested Dewey number - it's rather a unique book. Has anyone else cataloged it, and if so, what did you decide for a Dewey number? Thanks!

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I did a and found a library that had cataloged it as biography along with a summary, subjects and contents.

Joanne, we have the book in our library and I cataloged it as a biography.  Our library is on eZcat and you can also access our library


Like Eva Nell, I will often do a search for numbers to check on call numbers.  One place I use is the Library of Congress website (,  Look at the Marc Tags tab and check for tag 082 to get a non-LC classification suggestion.  For this one, they gave 

082 00  |a 813/.54  |a B  

That will also give you subjects.

is another interesting site to see how other libraries classify books.

Thanks Buford, Eva, and Betsy. Appreciate those sites. We finally went with Biography for this book.



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