Does anyone carry Graphic Novels in their church library?  If so, where do you classify them.  Dewey says 721.4.  Since we don't put Fiction in the 800's, I wonder if we should not put the Graphic novels in 700's, but in Fiction?

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I just put them in Fiction. People more likely to look for them there.

Most of the graphic books in my collection are for kids. I have a graphic books section in the kids area and it is quite popular. Most are fiction, but some are biography. The first line of the call number is the word Graphic and the rest is per usual.
For example, for book 1 of Dav Pilkey’s Dog Man series: Graphic JF Pil Dog01 and for the biography, Luther: Graphic JB Lut
You could also use GN on the top line instead of the word Graphic.

Did you mean 741.5?  That is where I put graphic novels. 

No, I now use GB, for Graphic Books) in the first line of call number and JF for fiction in 2nd line and so on, For example, Dog Man, book 1 by Pilkey: GB JF Pil Dog01 (4 lines). For a bio of Luther: GB JB Lut (3 lines).

I place them in GN for graphic novels and shelve them with the Youth section or Juvenile.



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