DVD's are very popular in our church library.  I have found that selecting movies with appropriate content is very difficult, especially when they are listed in the Christian category but still contain too much blue language.  I've also found that one can't always rely on the Dove Award to signify that it's a good movie.  Some of those have been very lame in acting and story line.  So, I would really appreciate some movie recommendations that you would rate as very good or excellent .

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Unconditional is NOT amateur hour-  What a well-done movie.  Even my hubby cried.  It's based on an actual person.   Touched the heart.   Realistic, has heart.... And lives are changed.

Finished it. Very sweet movie. One thing before release- I noticed a pet peeve where the soundtrack and the speaker are out of sync. It takes place with the lady in the purple/red outfit when she gives the girl the bracelet from her parents. If it could be corrected- it would remove a distraction, and improve saleability. But I enjoyed it.

Glad you liked it! The audio was removed and replaced in that section due to the incessant "cicada" locust noise, a bug that invaded Tennessee for 4 weeks of our filming. We sent it out, had the noise somewhat removed, then replaced it. Thought I had it in sync , looks OK to me on the original and Youtube. If it is off, it would be the entire "jewelry lady scene, rather than just where she gives the bracelet. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to check out the movie.

Here are a few classic Christian movies that you might want to add to your library that are favorites of mine:

1) The Inn of the Sixth Happiness

2) The African Queen

3) The Angel and the Bad Man(the one with J. Wayne not the more recent one)

Also, I didn't see Facing the Giants listed.  It starts a little slow, but it's well worth the wait to view it all.  Both youth and adults should enjoy it.

Just an update- I posted about our DVD "Flowers for Fannie" about a year ago when we were in the midst of production. Pleased to let you know it has found distribution and is available nationwide at all online resellers (such as Amazon, Christian Cinema, etc) at Family Christian and Lifeway stores, and in most wholesale catalogs. One unique development is that our distributor has managed to get it into rental queues at many campgrounds and cruise ships, and into many public libraries. The New York public library, for example, has 9 copies! So many people who wouldn't otherwise be exposed to the message will get to hear it.

On another note, we are now in post production on "The Good Book", which is the first faith based silent film. If you would like to see the trailer, just go to Youtube and search "Good Book Stinger".

The trailer is now in the video section of the forum.

I know this is an old thread, but I'll be referring to this whenever I'm ready to make a purchase for our church library. I know that each church library has their own acquisition policy.  We have at least two "appropriate" people preview material before any item is added.   


We just added these titles to our small collection, but which many of you may already have in your libraries:

1. Christmas Child ~ based on a Max Lucado story. Steven Curtis Chapman acts/sings in this.  Main character searches for answers regarding his birth.


2. A Christmas Wish (not the 1950 version) ~ A Hallmark Channel movie. New neighbors helping a woman & her children during a difficult period in her life.   


3. Silver Bells ~ Pure Flix.  My "tween" daughter states that she liked this one in which the main character (Bruce Boxleitner) is required to ring the Salvation Army Bell due to acting out at his son's ball game.


I don't believe that there is any "Blue" language in these, but if somehow I missed something, I'll let you know.  I try my best to be careful of that as well.      

ETA: Silver Bells & Christmas Child are Dove Reviewed if you're interested in checking this out.  




I just bought The First Christmas Town from Answers in Genesis filmed on location at the Creation Museum.  We also have Mandie; the forgotten Christmas, and Young Pioneer's Christmas.  This year I also purchased The Christmas Choir- the gospel is there, but in the many hymns and carols that the homeless men sing.  The Silver bells one sounds good- I'll look for it on sale.

Martha, I was wondering about The Christmas Choir. I've been close to buying that. I'm glad to hear of your review.  I'll have to check out The First Christmas Town - that sounds really good. We have the Mandie series - it's checked out frequently at our small church. I haven't heard of Young Pioneer's Christmas - I'll give this a look. I'm more than willing to buy Christmas movies when they are on sale & while I have them freshly researched!


We are going to have a "Family Section" for movies in our library. This is a change for us as we continue to get set up in our new building. I'm really excited to do this, but I agree with the original poster that it's a challenge to find good, quality movies that meets our standards.  I'm so thankful for all the people that are out there working hard to make such movies with God's message and with great quality.


Our library collection is divided as: Child (ages Infancy to 7) - Junior (ages 8-12) - Youth (ages 13-17) - Adult (18 +).  Although we have movies & will have more movies for each division, I believe some people at our church were wishing for a movie section in which could choose for a "Family Movie Night".      


I also have Flowers for Fannie as one of our next purchase for the library. It looks really good. Is it appropriate to ask Fred Wilharm(or anyone else here) the name of the other movies that they have done? I think I found one called "Class of '91" - is that correct? I watched the trailer for both films and they both look really good with meaning and quality.    


Christmas Child can currently be watched on HULU.


sure- Fred sent a couple of us an advanced copy of Flowers for Fannie- I'm also going to get that one.    I try to get ones that have a clear Gospel message- Sometimes I am more successful than others.   Letters to God, The Mandie Movies (there are 3), The Secret Life of Jonathan Sperry are good.   We only have 2 sections for movies- adult and juvenile. 

Don't know if I can edit - so I'm replying to myself! 


On HULU, as I write this, you can see for free "A Christmas Wish". The one featuring Kristy Swanson, Edward Herrmann & Tess Harper.   

Thanks everyone for the many suggestions.  I'm also glad to see Christmas movies listed.  Christmas Oranges is a new addition to our library this year and it's great. Here is what we have in the Christmas category: 


Christmas Oranges, A Song for the Season, Christmas Lodge, Homeless for the Holidays,   Home by Christmas,  The Case for Christmas ,The Christmas Choir, Annie Claus is coming to Town, A Christmas Memory, November Christmas, The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey, Christmas Miracle at Sage Creek, Santa and Pete, and Bush Christmas.

"Class of 91" has been through the cycle of availability at Christian bookstores, but we still offer it directly as a bundle with "Flowers for Fannie" at this link:



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