DVD's are very popular in our church library.  I have found that selecting movies with appropriate content is very difficult, especially when they are listed in the Christian category but still contain too much blue language.  I've also found that one can't always rely on the Dove Award to signify that it's a good movie.  Some of those have been very lame in acting and story line.  So, I would really appreciate some movie recommendations that you would rate as very good or excellent .

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you may already have some/all of these, but:


What if...

The Nativity Story

The Passion of the Christ

Saving Sarah Cain

Sarah's Choice

The Ultimate Gift 

Thank you for your reply Melanie.  Good titles, but we have all of those - and we have Courageous coming.   It seems as though I've hit the bottom of the barrel.  There just be a place on the web that keeps track of Christian movies and new ones being released.  I'll keep looking.

I assume you have a CVLI license.  check with them; i think their website maintains a list of some sort...

Soul Surfer

Thanks for the recommendationJenn.  We don't have Soul Surfer in our library yet, but it's one I've been considering.  Nice to know another church library has it.

Also, I am researching adding the following to our library:

Mighty Macs


The Lamp

Little Angels ABC's

Little Angels Animals

I receive a newsletter from ChristianCinema.com with recommendations and reviews.  I just looked at the website and it seems to have a good bit of information about various types of media. Also saw a list of their reviewers, so it might be a good place to compare reviews.  You can sign up for the newsletter and read a few past newsletters as well.

Thanks so much Sandra.  Looking forward to checking out that site.

This is a  suggestion for children DVDs. Our young familes with small children have really liked the series: What's in the Bible.  There is a web site www.whatsinthebible.com with info.  In 2011 The List was the adult DVD most circulated.


Thanks to you all for your responses.  They were all very helpful.


It depends on your church affiliation, and your library and church policy.  We're a congregation in the United Church of Canada, and an affirming congregation, so what we would consider is not necessarily what you would even contemplate.

One place we've found useful for our movie discussion group and also for ideas for our library is http://www.spiritualityandpractice.com.  They look at not only films but also books, audio books, and more. We also look at general reviews on IMDB etc. and try to borrow a copy from the public library or somewhere else if we're not sure whether or not to proceed.

here are some more recent DVD's


Grace Card


Mighty Macs

Last Bricklayer in America

Why Do We Call it Christmas other titles, Jellyfish Productions (creater of VeggieTales)

Gigi - great stories for girls that like Princess theme - Sheila Walsh I believe

To Save a Life - for teens & adults - One Stop Media

Soul Surfer, Story of Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm to a shark

Careful in selecting VeggieTales movies.  DreamWorks purchased rights - may not have Christian emphasis


Good luck




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