I have been given $100,00 in honor of my library helper. I'm looking for suggestions for nice current books or other material that I could buy in his honor. He is a Sunday School teacher, so Bible study materials would be good, but I don't want to buy a bunch of little things. We are Methodists, if that helps you think of good possibilities. Thanks!

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Amy, have you thought about DVDs instead of books?  There are some great ones out there including two of the latest "War Room" and "Woodlawn."

We have used money given in honor or memory of some to purchase small items we would like to have in the library such as a table lamp or display items.

It's always great to receive gift money.

Hi Amy,


I have to agree with Eva, regarding possibly purchasing DVD's instead of books?  These are often used as teaching tools as well as providing a powerful message to some who might not read.  We have discovered many in our church family have "cut the cable" and find our DVD collection a valuable asset.  

When we are blessed with a monetary donation, we always ask the donor if they have a preference for its use.  Most simply state, 'use it to make the library better' or 'buy something you feel will be most used in the library'.  Of course, these answers give us freedom to purchase as we see best. Our library team will always have dreams and God does provide.  In the last couple years we have used the donations for books, DVD's, two custom built bookcases, and a new chair.  Our most useful and oft commented on is a small rolling cart.   We place our 'weeded' books and other books which we may have been given but do not meet our addition/retention policy on.  This cart is then placed in our cafe and the books etc. are FREE to anyone.  

I hope this helps.   

I agree with both Eva Nell and Linda. We also do the same with our Memorial or in Honor of Gift Money.



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