We are adding foreign language books, specifically Spanish due to our ESL classes, to our collection. We would like to keep these on a separate shelf for now. Anybody have hints on how to mark the spine of these books to make it noticable if they end up shelved on the "regular" shelves by mistake?

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Round color labels (example Avery 5461) can be used. These labels can be printed if desired.

Or, an added first line on the spine label is another idea.


The Parallel Title heading (if available with your cataloging program) is intended to supply an English translation of foreign language titles. I'd suggest supplying an English added title if the parallel title is not available.

Another thought on ESL, but not related to labeling spines.

I volunteer at my public library. One of my jobs is to examine audio visual materials that have given patron troubles. I examined several DVDs that were supposed to have closed captions. I thought it strange anyone would complain about this. My mentor explained  that ESL learners were choosing  video recording that have closed captions or English sub titles to help them with their English study. You  may wish to  check your library video materials and catalog to ensure that CC items are clearly identified.




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