I have been thinking that I would like to have a “Family Library / Reading (listening, viewing) Club” during the Winter. We had a “Children’s Summer Reading Club” for the Children this past year, but I thought it would be nice
and also another good way to get more people to come in and use the Library. I
am thinking that I probably need 2 categories: one for couples (whose children
are grown) and another for families with (young) children at home. I think it
would run about 4 (maybe 5) weeks during February. I would like any and all suggestions,
plus what would be good “rewards”? My thoughts are that I would like to have Families
read together / share some books (perhaps 3 or 4 & maybe a C or J book
included), plus view 1 or 2 DVDs or VCs together. (My DVD collection is rather
limited right now) or listen to 1 or 2 ACs. (My CD collection is mostly music -
which would work as well if they listened to it as a family)


I know this is a good place to get suggestions and I look forward to some good ideas. Thanks in advance for all your help!

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We're having a family game night during the winter months.  We purchased several bible-oriented board games and make them available for checkout. Families have another option (besides sitting in front of a screen) for quality time.  I prepare a list of related books (trivia, missions-oriented, etc.) to go along with the games "for further study."  For every game the family plays, the family earns a point; late return of the item and they lose a point. For each earned point,the family's name is put into a hat for a drawing for a gift card or we present a brand new game.



Thanks so much! That is a very good suggestion. We have a Christian Life Center [CLC] where people can walk, swim, exercise, etc. But we might add the "Game" suggestion to have people play games there.I think this has possibilities that we might adapt!  Thanks so much!!  Dale



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