We are setting up a few things that can be checked out from our library to be used at home.  The items would include a white board with pens & eraser, cassette/video player, and dvd player.  Here are my questions?


1.  Do you have other ideas for items that could be loaned out?

2.  Does anyone else do this and if so, what is your circulation procedure?

3.  Should these items be cataloged in some way?


If there has been previous discussion on this topic, I couldn't find the posts.  I would really appreciate some input on this.  Thanks in advance.

Ann Lancaster

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We have fabric pieces in various sizes which can be used in displays, probably in Sunday School rooms or for other events, along with other things to be used for displays . . . praying hands, globe, etc. They probably would not be taken home, but used in the building. Even though we don't have all our fabrics cataloged, we do have plans to get that done eventually, along with other promo items!  For more costly items like the equipment that you mentioned, I would definitely catalog them in some way, if only by making a list and putting identifying information on the item. 

Checkout could be accomplished with a form that you design to fit your needs. You could have a sign-out sheet with columns for the person's name, item number(s) or description, date borrowed, date due, etc.  Or you might have a sheet on which the person would check out all items -- that would be a sheet for each time an item or group of items is borrowed.   Keep these forms in your deskbook or in a file near your circulation area.

We have items which will be used for VBS decorations, and I plan to create a form to use for those items which don't have accession numbers yet!  Then maybe we will have an idea of where to look for those items when VBS decorations are taken down! :)

The automation software that we use (Concourse) allows us to place a message in a patron's record, so this is one way we could "check items out" to a person even though it has not been entered into the database,

Keep us updated with what you decide and how this works out for your library!

Under the 700 art category by scrolling down you could find almost all of your objects listed and could classify them that way but we always just put 700-O (for object)  and made added it to the computer catalog listing under that classification and if we chose to store anything in the case we added that under the heading, or whereever it was stored would be added under the heading, for example hanging picture art was stored in the work room and that was added in the letters W-RM.  If it was a bulletin board item most were stored in the map chest, We also described the item briefly such as pic, doll, pup, etc. If they found nothing under the class  then they looked on the shellf at the 700 section for we used them as decorative art on the shelves--things such as character dolls, or puppets that had to do with a certain children's book, or various toys such as the Velveteen Rabbit or Paddington. When they were returned we knew where to shelve them that way. (I was church librarian for 17 years and then worked in the library doing everything needed for another five years.  During that five years I trained two people to be the Church Librarian)  So I might be a little out of date, since I have not been active since 2006. Just saying this is one way to circulate equipment.

Thank you Sandra and Maxine for your replies.  You have provided me with lots of information to be aware of and options to consider.  With your help, I'm feeling pretty confident that I can lay out a workable plan for our small library, with a view to future needs included.  It's really great that you share your years of experience with us newbies.  Thanks again.




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