We have a growing collection of DVDs that come with study/discussion guides, which are either a book/booklet or PDF documents on the disc itself for printing out.  Small group leaders and individuals check them out for study.


We are looking to buy more of these, but we want to be wise in purchasing the ones that are theologically sound (evangelical) and also well-made in terms of production quality (lighting, sound, camera work) and with content that is relevant and interesting.


Lots of authors are now making DVD sets based on their books.  But just because a book is excellent doesn't mean that the DVD curriculum based on it will be worth the money.

Do you have recommendations for specific titles?  

Any to avoid, that you wished you had not bought?

Do you have reasons that you have not purchased DVD curriculum that I should consider?


I will start...

The titles that our patrons just keep checking out and we get waiting lists on are

  • Financial Peace University - Dave Ramsey
  • The Truth Project - Focus on the Family
  • Faith Lessons with Roy Vander Laan - Focus on the Family


Thanks for your help!

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We purchase these kits only as requested by a specific group. We also store them seperately from our self-service library to avoid loss of individual DVD's. I would caution that you read the church agreements on the Financial Peace University that requires the church to purchase a membership kit for each family participating. We interpret those agreements that loaning the kits/DVD's to others is a violation of the church agreement/copyright.

Thanks, Gene - we will look into that.

Our women love anything Beth Moore has done.  Her studies are great.

The excellent book by Lynn Austin, Hidden Places, was made into a movie.  I'm glad I previewed it before I bought it for our library.  The movie was a waste of time.  There was hardly anything in the movie that reflected the book.  It was a waste of time and I don't recommend buying it.  On the other hand, the book is GREAT!



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