I am finally getting around to cataloging all our church DVD/CD study kits.  Some of them do not have their original packaging.  I would like suggestions for how to keep the various element together in the least amount of space (our space is limited for storing them).  How do some of you handle your DVD/CD kit collection?

Jeannie Trapnell

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We buy cases from Demco that will accommodate the number of DVD's, CD's etc. Large accompanying student and teacher guides are kept under the check out counter. The cases indicate to the patron that these materials are available if needed.  

It's soon time for me to revisit our Group Study kits and how we handle them. Hopefully, in the New Year I'll get to those along with other projects. 


Thanks Paul for your suggestion.  I will check to see what Demco has.

Good luck with your project.  Let me know what you come up with.


I started in on our KITs (again!) 

I'm trying to find thru Demco the cases you use, Paul. (Or anyone else that wishes to answer this.) 

What are they called?  I need something better than what I once quickly bought at Walmart.  

Are they archival in nature?   

Demco has a large variety of CD and DVD cases. Just a matter of picking out what best fits your needs. As for their archival quality I'm not sure. If they are opened and closed a lot many of them will eventually crack on the spine. I know Gaylord now carries only archival quality materials. You might want to take a look there too.  

Thanks. I appreciate your response.

When I wrote my last post, I didn't quite catch on to what you meant. Sorry ... 

I was thinking about a case to hold DVD sets, leader guides, and at least one participant guide - the whole kit.  I've been eyeing archival boxes on different sites. 

Although I like your library's system, our library is an "open" library in which patrons independently check out items. So with our circulation patterns, it seems to be best to keep all of a Group study kit together. 

I'll take another look around Gaylord too.

Thank you so much for your reply. 



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