I'm thinking about connecting the Clay/Platt SB Association together of about 50 churches in the Kansas City area. Using one program to input all library items and doing inter-library loans to move them around. Has anyone done this in another area of the US?

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If you use Concourse, check with Book Systems.  They have done this sort of thing with a regional public library system.  I'll get the exact name of the regional system and post again.

Dixie Regional Library System:  http://www.dixie.lib.ms.us/ 

I would like to have one data base and all the church patrons log on there and be able to pick up at there church location and have it open all week at a main location like your local system. Have you seen Library World? it's only about $400 a year and you can put a app on your phone to reserve items.

Who is actually going to prepare the books (locating, packing/address) and pay shipping for the books to be moved from location to location? Public systems have vehicles and funding for this, plus employees to track the inter-library loans (or "ill" for short). I could see this working within a small group of local churches where a volunteer could make the rounds once a week, but a 50 church area is a very big committment for volunteers. How would this work?

Or am I misunderstanding the concept?

I'm working details out now with Morlee and we will see where this goes.  Not an easy task but I believe it can be done.



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