Hey girls and boys....can anyone recommend or direct me to an app or website which allows one to type in a book title for classification? 
Our church is small and so is our library so I am not using Dewey but rather a handful of relevant church categories. They are:

Apologetics/Bible Science/Creationism/Evangelism

Bible Expositions/Handbooks/Helps



Christian Fiction

Christian Living

Church & Christianity History & Purpose




Cults & Spiritual Abuse

Current Culture & Issues

Devotionals & Inspirationals

Family, Marriage & Child Rearing




Study Guides

Systematic Theology

Theological Topics

In what category should I shelve Dehare's Catechism?

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I would encourage you  start with Dewey- It's going to be much harder later to correct .  The items you have listed are normally called "subject tracings,  but it's going to be harder than you think to categorize one book in only one place without Dewey.  Books may have more than one subject heding/tracing, but much fewer places to put something into Dewey.   On the home page down at the bottom, there is a SEARS listing that is very helpful in classifying.    I hope others will chime in.   

Totally agree with Martha. The size of your church does not mean the people in your church are not familiar with Dewey. Check out the resource A Classification System for Church Libraries. You do not need to reinvent the wheel. 

Also suggest that you use the church library web site for Central Baptist Church in Decatur, Alabama. Eva Nell has done it for you for lots of books. She is the person who updates the resource we are recommending to you.

Our prayers go with you!!

Thank you for your suggestions, directions and prayers, ladies!

If you look on the Virginia Church Library Association website vacla.org we have a Resources tab.  There are all kinds of helpful links but one section is Classification Resources. There one Martha mentioned is there but you might find the others helpful also.

I do agree with both Martha and Morlee. I use the book Morlee mentioned all the time as well as Eva Nell's website and others. 

Mechelle, this is a website I use sometimes:


However, even if you don't use DD numbers, if you check in the Library of Congress, their subject headings would give you a glue as to where to put it in your chosen categories.  https://catalog.loc.gov/index.html

Our church is very small but I am sticking with Dewey because it is so simple from which to catalog.  My main source is a book that was previously mentioned,  "A Classification System for Church Libraries," and the online cataloging site at the Library of Congress.  I would advise to not try to set up your own system.

I also use the website listed by Ann Lancaster.  I think putting material in by Dewey is the way to go.  I was given kits by the church to put in the library and Eva Nell helped me a lot with that.

Although I use Dewey to classify my collection, I think your category/Bookstore style approach could be very effective. For the catechism book, maybe it would fit in a religious doctrine or religious education category or maybe your reference category.



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