Where can I find an updated copy o Dewey?

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 I just emailed Eva Nell Hunter who is our Dewey guru. In the meantime, consider A Classification System for Church Libraries. Note that it now comes in a digital format so that we can download it and have it on our computers and print it for ease of use. Eva Nell pulled out the parts of Dewey that church libraries use the most.

BTW, she and I have talked about preparing an update of this book to make available on the CLN. Anyone interested in us doing that?

Yes, I would really appreciate an updated copy.

I want the book.  Where can I get it.  ellen

Ellen, the info for purchasing the downloadable book is posted in this thread.  There is no hard copy available to purchase.  You will need to download and print the book yourself.

I would like to find it on this thread.  Then I would need guidance in downloading it.

This book is available from LifeWay. Click here. That link goes directly to this book on LifeWay catalog. Add it to your cart then follow the prompts to pay for it. As soon as you pay for it, the pdf will be sent to your email address. 

I am working with Eva Nell to prepare an update to this book that will be in the form of an article on the CLN that identifies the updates to the books. It will not be an updated book as such. 

Does that help?

So glad to hear that you and Eva are working on an update.  Thank you so much and looking forward to receiving it. 

We could use a new copy as well.

This is still the latest edition, revised and published 2014 for download only.  It is no longer published in book format.  $8.95    https://www.lifeway.com/en/product/a-classification-system-for-chur...

Yes, you all are correct about the book A Classification System for Church Libraries. It is in a pdf format. Comes right to you when you purchase it. 

Actually, many people like to download the pdf and take it to Office Depot or wherever and have it spiral bound. Much easier to use than the bound copy. 

I 3-hole punched my pages and put them in a 3-hole notebook.  That works really nicely too.



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