I currently have Concourse and am considering going to web based. I would like some feedback regarding your experience with Concourse, Atruim or other package. Looking for the pros and cons of each.  


I am looking for something that is...


easy for patrons to navigate between the catalog and self-check out;

e-mail reminders for late returns, etc;

capable of building and printing a variety of reports

very similar how public libraries function;

affordable (for mid-sized church)

low maintenance - don't want to deal with tech support



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I think you would like Atiuum it is easy to use and you access it from any computer. We have been on it for 2 years and they take care of all backups and updates. Once you get the patrons taught on how to use it, they love it. It cost about $1000 a year but signup for snap shot.  Here is the link to ours  so you can check it out (http://pleasantvalleybaptist.booksys.net/opac/pvbc/index.html#menuHome)

We have our catalog on a website called LibraryThing.  One can access it from the library page on our church website or just going there directly.  It only costs about $25 or $30 for lifetime membership, very easy to use.  It doesn't provide all the first two features that you listed, but since we are a small church those two things weren't important to us.  Our library is a self-check out but only in person.



For churches considering a Concourse upgrade to Atriuum, we have found that Atriuum has the easiest interface to OverDrive's eBook service.


The "authentication process" (a behind-the-scenes, techincal function that allows only your members to check out your eBooks) is transparent in Atriumm. It can be implemented with other software but not as "gracefully."  



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