4 studies from Precepts, Kay Arthur (3 parts of Revelation), and 1 of Deuteronomy were donated.   Each album has multiple DVD's in separate sleeves.   I don't have any question about classifying them under the correct Bible classification.   You wouldn't split them would you?  I'm really hoping not, but I'm not sure what to do with them.

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Martha, I looked at the Kay Arthur website and think I found the items you have.  It looks as if they are in good album cases.  If I looked at the right items, I would process each album individually, keeping all DVDs in that set together.  Titles would be :  Revelation Part 1 - Jesus' Message to the Church ; etc. ---   Deuteronomy - Blessing or Cursing? Life or Death? You Choose.   I assume each DVD is numbered. On the DVD or CD, we just write "FBC Library, Corinth, MS" and the accession number. (and Volume number if necessary)

On the other hand, if you choose to split the albums, the individual lessons would be available to more people at a time.  It is a hard decision to make!

We spent much of our workday this morning trying to decide how to divide the Bible on CD so it would not all be in one case!  We tried to divide by the Pentateuch, Historical Books, etc., but the divisions on the CDs didn't match.  We chose the closest division and will place a note in the front of each album showing what is in that album! 

In the end, just try to do what you think will work best for your church family.

Thank you for your input.  It will be awhile before I put them in, but I am inclined to keep them together, and just give a special teaching due date.

Hi, Martha,

That's always a concern.  If the class is being taught in Sunday school or another Bible study in the church, I split the set into individual CD's and DVD's so that more people may enjoy them.  I also limit them to one each patron and for one week only while the class is being conducted.  After that I combine them into their original cases and recatalog as a unit and delete the "single" catalog entries.

Hope this helps.

Martha Dendinger

First Baptist Atlanta

We keep sets of CD's and DVD's (and previously, VHS's) together.  Most of them are meant to be used in the order of the disk numbers, so jumping into the middle of a recorded conference/Bible study may not be effective.  What does one do if one disk is not returned?  I would rather lose a whole set rather than one out of a set.

Bob Wittmeyer

First Baptist Orlando

I agree- Am planning on keeping them in their respective albums.



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