I am having trouble classifying the book Incredible Creatures and Creations for the Bible.  I have tried both OCLC and WorldCat without luck. This includes angels, bebemoths, etc.

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Is this ISBN 9780310761174

NIV Incredible Creatures and Creations Holy Bible?

If so enter the ISBN in Worldcat book search. Seems like the normal classification for Bibles would apply with some extra description and possibly extra subject headings.

It is not the one listed in the book but I will try it. It's very odd that there is not a ISBN on the back, but it did have a band wrapped around with the ISBN listed int the book.

Thanks for the help.

I thought about the 220 and maybe the extension on animals, but that's not angels.  However, it does have more about animals so I am leaning that way.

Thanks again.  I appreciate your help.

   Creatures and such for/with bible have several books showing in the LC catalog. One is classified as 220.6. Another has it as 220.859 'creatures in the bible'

   Amazon has your book with a number of subject headings: https://goo.gl/gQHypZ

Thanks, I appreciate your time and help.



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