Question for someone.   I am in the process of splitting up the 22 volume set of John Calvin's commentaries to be filed with the book (s) of the Bible.    I've read what Eva Nell said about those more than 12 vol. in 2013.   This is a real hard one.

I classified vol. 18  which included John, 12-21 and Acts, 1-13 as 226.5

The previous volume (17) includes the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and the first 11 chapters of John.   I was planning to use 226.1 (Harmony of the Gospels).  I am tracing each book.

Then there is vol. 22 which included Hebrews-Jude.   If I put it under the catholic epistles (227.9) that leaves out Hebrews.   I could do it that way OR I could put it under 227.87 for Hebrews.   I am tracing each book included which should bring them up on Webopac.   

When I get some solid answers, I'm planning on adding this to my advanced classification class.  

I feel like I'm shooting in the dark so to speak.

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Many may disagree with how I'm handling books of the bible that are split between two volumes,but what I do is this:  I just give the volume the main DD number of 226 or 227 so that all the volumes can be together on the shelf.  For my subjects, as an example of Hebrews and Jude that you mentioned, I use "Bible N.T. Hebrews-Commentary" and "Bible N.T. Jude-Commentary," and the Call No. would be 227.

I think that’s an elegant solution; I like it. Another possibility would be to put all of the OT volumes at 221.7 and all of the NT volumes at 225.7.

Thank you, Charles

My whole point is to distribute them amongs their book peers.   I currently have three sets of commentaries on a wooden rolling cart.   As we get further into the computerization project - going on year 12, we are finally in the theology section and I want to put them where they will be most used.  I appreciate your responses, but need some affirmation of a different sort.



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