Do you shelve copies of your church directories and your church history? What about church photo albums?  If so, under what number, or how do catalog them? Do you shelve maybe as Church History or Reference? And if you do do one of these, do you allow them to be checked out?  Hope not too confusing, lol.

Thanks so much!

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I just catalogued a few for our library.  I keep them in a locked cupboard and will lend them out but I am afraid they might disappear if I put them on the shelves.  Once they are gone there is no way to get another.

Both of mine are 150 and 175 celebration books with church history and pictures.  I have them catalogued under Ref 277.747.   277 is history of religion in North America but not sure what the .247 designation is.

I looked up some similar church histories in other libraries to see what they were catalogued under.

Our church directories are kept in a file in our church office.  In our library we keep albums of our church history.  They can be viewed but not checked out.



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