Here is an explanation about the children's books that appear in our mediagraphy.  There are many wonderful children's books written and it is impossible to list everything in the list that appears on this site.  One rule I try to use is not to list paperbacks for children.   Remember that this iis a list recommended for library use because they are handled more.  However, there are many great books that appear only in paperback or ebook.

Here are some of the ways in which I search for children's books.  I visit LifeWay and other book stores to browse their shelves.  I search for well-known authors to see if they have recently written children's books.  I search various publishers to find their latest children's books.  I search Christian Book Distributors for their recent listings.  I search Amazon for Christian children's books. I always read the summaries and  comments about the books and authors.   I receive recommendations from other church libraries.   You should always select books according to your library policy.

No, I haven't read every book in its entirety.  That is  more than my library budget would allow.  I receive no free children's books from publishers. 

I just wanted to give an explanation as to how the various lists are compiled.   Books for other ages  I do recommend some paperbacks.  If covered with KAPCO or a similar product you  literally make it  a hardback  Because the covers and pages  stand flat on the shelf, they really seem to last longer than the hardbacks which do not stand level. 

I'm now working on a list for the juvenile ages (8-11).  I would be happy to receive any recommendations from other librarians.  I enjoy doing these lists even though they require lots of time.  Please feel free to make any comments.

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Good job, Eva Nell!  We appreciate you!



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