Do you think it would be wrong to "white-out" 3 cuss words in a Christian book?  This book and a couple of others are by a popular Christian publishing company.  The entire book has a great message.   Why was the publisher able to give us 270 pages of words without cussing and felt the need to include those 3 words?  (I am going to write to the publisher and ask them the same question.)


 Reading the story, I am sure there are more cusses that could have been included but weren't.  We have readers who will be very offended to see those words in print - - - so I want to hide them.   Also, when we read offensive words, they stick in our mind and I would prefer not to see them, too.

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Thank you for taking this step Morlee. Please keep us posted.
Hi Lynda. I've been reading over some of our Q & A and decided that I would add another slant--even though the question is months old! It is against copyright law to bleep out words or anything from a video or DVD. I've been told that the same is true for removing words from books. I'm sure you've already made your decision by now. We know that there is a difference in an author writing Christian fiction and a Christian author writing fiction.
It was a biography and we decided to remove it from our shelves and return it to the publisher with a cc of the letter to Lifeway Bookstores. Now that the dust has settled from our move, we will do that in about a week. Titles like this have caused us to re-examine how we want our library to be represented to the community. We determined we would not compromise our values even for two words in a book. Someone mentioned to us that you have to decide where to draw the line if you don't want to start down the slippery slope. Thanks for letting us know the law on that - - - because I didn't. I appreciate your ministry to us.
May I please have the source on your comment: "It is against copyright law to bleep out words or anything from a video or DVD. I've been told that the same is true for removing words from books" ?

That's probably true for when you're reproducing or citing the work, but I'm sure we're still free to do what we want with our own copies. As far as the movies go, there is a well-publicized DVD player that will censor the movies for family viewing.

That being said, the author's words or illustrator's pictures are theirs, and we need to think very seriously before (permanently) censoring their work within library materials. Perhaps better not to have the book at all than to censor part of it.
Joanne, you've certainly been very active on this website and we appreciate that!

I have been given that information in several different copyright classes I have attended. Right now I'm deeply involved in conferences and in planning one in our own church, but I will try to locate something in print and get back later. I know that there are lots of sticky situations as far as copyright is concerned and we as librarians certainly want to do the right thing.
Thanks Eva! Yes, copyright issues are very tricky!

We are often challenged about defining (redefining) the role of a church library ministry - are we to be a filter for the moral and biblical stance? Or, are we defenders of constitutional rights and precepts?  Is our ambition to emulate the local community library offerings?  Should our sole emphasis be on enhancing the discipleship goals of our congregation?   I remind myself often about that passage in Philippians 4v8 "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." (kjv) 


If I am going to insist on purity in my library ministry, I must insist on purity in my own life.  Now, I have a different challenge before me.  (I love this forum and dialogue, very therapeutic. Can't wait to read more.) 



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