We have been given a lot of books on cd.

How do you keep them together.

There are anywhere from 1 cd per book up to 8 cd's per book.

Thanks for helping me with this.

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Ah- this is a problem that I have also faced, and hopefully solved.   The Library store sells a lot of different CD cases- I use the heavy duty empty ones (2-12 discs- 2 ring) 04910, I think.   Anyway, then I buy the 2-sided, unlined sleeves.   I began using this method after losing several CD's from the hard-plastic, multi-disc cases such as Odyssey.   You can put them in as an audio book, classify them the same way you would a book except the first line which would be CD.    Someone else may chime in with better suggestions.   My first comments were directed at how to keep them together (we have all of our CD's for adults in one section).

You may want to consider using something other than CD for Books on Tape, uh, Books on Disc. Otherwise, the books on disc will get shelved with with music discs. Also consider how you wish to handle  other CD uses (lectures, sermons, software,  etc.)  Using CD for everything might work for you.


Many CDs are now being recorded using a compacting algorithm called MP3. Not all players can handle MP3.

MP3 discs are identified, but adding a label may help to ward off disc-won't-play complaints.  MP3 does a wonderful job reducing the number of disc required for a book.

We purchase CD cases & sleeves from Demco; similar to what Martha Hancock mentions in her post. 

Instead of using CD for the top line, we use the abbreviation BCD (book on compact disk); although I have mentioned in conferences, that if I were starting this process now, I would suggest using AB for audio book. As mentioned in another post, there are MP3 books, and probably more formats to come in the future! 

Therefore, the call number  for a fiction book by Karen Kingsbury would be:




Bax01 (add series designation if needed on this line: indicates Baxter series, book 1)

Would there be a way to indicate the audio format in the call number? 

For Book on CD .... something like . ....











We do it as follows:

Fiction on CD, say a book by Terri Blackstock:  CD BLA

Non-fiction on CD, say a book by McArthur: NONF CD MCA

That's it.  The CD lets you know, in perusing the catalog, that's it is on Audio rather than a book, and the NONF lets you know it's not a novel.  

We shelve them in a special area.

We got rid of all those annoying jewel cases which are fragile and hard to label on the spines.  A good resource for getting better, plastic cases, is library used book sales - they often have audio books for sale as well, and cheap - then the cases can be used and the discs tossed, if it's not a book you care about.  Some of our library users have purchased audio books this way and given us the cases.  We appreciate it because those things are not cheap (good ones, anyway).

I'm thinking about yard sales this summer, too.

I would like to thank you all for your input.

I've been very sick off and on since I wrote this. 

I'm no better but no worse either.

Thank you again for helping me with us.

We add AB to the spine label of books on cd and they are kept near the movies but have their own shelves non fiction and fiction 

As for storage the cases from the library supply store can get pricey but I found zippered cd cases at the $1 store they hold 12 cds and work great


Which dollar store did you find the cases?

Do you know if they are still available?

Thanks again!



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