There are many Disney DVD's that are enjoyed by most all age groups.  How do you determine whether to put them with the adult movies or with the junior movies?  I've not been able to find any really explicit cataloging instruction on this subject.  Thanks in advance.

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Ann, if any DVD is for family viewing, I place it with the adults. If it is there, it is more likely that it will be viewed by the family rather than just the younger person. I find that an adult would not likely go to a younger section to select a movie for family viewing.
That's a good guideline, Eva, and confirms what I was thinking. Thank you.
When Cataloging anything I catalog going up in age group. I do agree with Eva Nell Family movies would go into the adult age group. Be sure that you have the Copyright licenses, especially if the movie or ITEM could be checked by a church leader for any reason. (Short notice teacher substitution)
Thank you, Marty, for your reply. I hadn't thought about copyright licenses, so I'll certainly follow up on that.
We place ours in the J Fiction area and parents know this is where they are. We list them for family viewing.

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