I am looking for a simple and inexpensive means of making our library catalog searchable on the Web. Ideally, this would be linked to our church Web page.

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Betty, I use LibraryThing.com for our church library online.  Here is a link to it if you want to check it out:  http://www.librarything.com/catalog/WVBC


It is really easy to use and very inexpensive.  If I remember correctly, you can add up to 1,000 entries free of charge.  Once you go over that limit, you can purchase a $35 life-time membership.   The church body can search by author, title, subject, or book covers.  The book covers listing is really a great way to browse if you want to pick out something before you go to the church.  I have the link posted on the library page of our church website. You can see that here:  http://www.wvbaptist.org/team-ministries/discipleship-team/library-....  Hope this helps. 


The Library Thing is a terrific way to catalog books. I'm amazed at the ease of it. According to the site, you can only add up to 200 books for free, and then unlimited use for a $25 "Lifetime" fee (or $10/yr). I have also added their interactive widget to our church library blog, too. I looked at a few other sites, and they are a lot more expensive. Thanks for the tip, Ann. What a wonderful website find.

Monica, so glad that you like The Library Thing and plan to use it.  If you're on a low budget like I am, this site is truly a blessing - one of which is being able to spend the money I'm saving on software and updates to purchase more media for the library.  To God be the glory, He does provide.


we had a recent thread on this subject not long ago.  do you have your collection on a computer or do you handle everything with paper?  if you have it on a computer, check with whichever program you use.  most of them either come with that ability or give you the option to buy a separate add-on module.  we use ResourceMate, and i think the add-on for that feature was only $100 or so.



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