Wow, great news about the new Dewey church library classification manual! If we buy it as a pdf, can we print it out to use in our library on workdays, or may we only refer to it onscreen?


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It will be possible to to print the Classification PDF.  it will, of course, print on 8 1/2" by 11"  paper, which can then be placed in a binder.  You might see if you can print it at your church and be sure it prints on both sides of the paper. if at all possible.  

Since the Subject Headings also will be printed the same size, it might actually work well to create a class and cat procedures manual with both items together, in addition to the pages explaining Classification & Subject Cataloging from the Church Library Ministry Information Services. 

By all means download and print the book! I've had some copyright questions about the new pdf. I've consulted with LifeWay's copyright attorney. Next week, I will send out a broadcast with the information he provided us.





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