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I know that pretty much everyone here highly recommends the Dewy Decimal system of cataloguing but I'm looking to hear from church librarians who have small libraries and organize bookstore-style via categories.   

Our library is very small - we do not have a library budget and don't anticipate receiving one.  It's an existing library that has been neglected.  I'm just wanted to organize it a bit and implement a simple manual self-checkout system (via an old fashioned notebook or binder system).  

Starting from scratch, purchasing supplies for call numbers etc for our books seems like a much larger task than simply organizing by categories.

Thanks in advance for any feedback and testimonies that you would like to share!  

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Hello fellow Church Librarian,

Our church library is relatively smallish (yet we have grown over the last few years and hope to continue).  We have opted to not use the Dewy Decimal system because of (1) our size, (2) confusion of understanding where you will find a particular book (particularly when a trained volunteer was not present to assist) and (3) simplification when looking for a book where only the authors name is known. 

We do separate/shelve our books by Fiction, Non-fiction, Devotionals and Reference.  It makes the entire process much easier for all.  We have over 1600 cataloged items in our main library collection with an additional 480 plus in our adult curriculum collection and another 190 plus in our leader collection.  I realize that for some Dewey is the only acceptable system but for our church library, and perhaps yours too, it may not be the the most user friendly option.  

Best wishes in your library journey.



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