Do any of you shelve non-Christian fiction books?  Someone donated a beautiful copy of Marley & Me by John Grogan to our library.  I saw the movie several years ago but have never read the book.  What concerns me about non-Christian fiction is that I feel I need to read the entire book, checking for offensive language, etc.  I can't possibly do this with the number of books donated to our library.

The second question concerns "beliefs" I guess.  I have read "An Accidental Life" by Pamela Binnings Ewen and thought the story great.  However, toward the end of the book, a main character decides to "be baptized when her baby is baptized."  This indicates baptism by a method other than immersion, which our Southern Baptist church believes  is scripturally taught.  I guess I'm asking if this should be shelved when that is contrary to what we believe and teach.  There are many books we do NOT shelve because of the question of doctrine, etc.

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Good thoughts, Debbie. Well said.

I find this discussion encouraging in that I'm not alone in trying to find that the "right" content balance.   I appreciate the detailed examples & thoughtful input.



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