Hi Everyone, 

Our library has been on a rocky road for a while. However, with our new pastor, things have certainly improved.

That being said, recently I was told that since library books don't save souls, and that's what church is really about, there is no need for inclusion in our budget. that our church's money needs to be spent on other programs.

Hmmm... I know that Lee Strobel's book CASE FOR CHRIST certainly makes a powerful statement about why an atheist became a Christian.

My question is, can anyone out there recommend other titles that can be used to bring a skeptic to salvation?

I'd like to have a list of titles before our next board meeting in two weeks.

Thanks so much,


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Most definitely yes, Morlee.

I haven't had a chance to read all of the comments yet, but has anyone mentioned Cold Case Christianity and Cold Case Christianity for Kids by Warner J. Wallace?   Wallace is a Cold Case detective who was going to use his skills to prove that Christianity was false by studying the Gospels as eye-witness accounts in a cold case.  Instead, what he learned converted him to Christianity.

Along the lines of Christian fiction are good Christian movies. The God's Not Dead movies are great and just about anything by PureFlix.  I love The Encounter movies and also the movie Joshua.  Those last two were very instrumental in helping my husband grow closer to Christ.



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