Hi Everyone, 

Our library has been on a rocky road for a while. However, with our new pastor, things have certainly improved.

That being said, recently I was told that since library books don't save souls, and that's what church is really about, there is no need for inclusion in our budget. that our church's money needs to be spent on other programs.

Hmmm... I know that Lee Strobel's book CASE FOR CHRIST certainly makes a powerful statement about why an atheist became a Christian.

My question is, can anyone out there recommend other titles that can be used to bring a skeptic to salvation?

I'd like to have a list of titles before our next board meeting in two weeks.

Thanks so much,


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The Case for Antioch is really good. I just added it to our library.

I have also started adding the Bible Studies we have used so individuals can check them out. Some we use with new Christians.

What are some of the books studies you have done?  I am lookinf ofr new ideas for our adult education 

I have a number of Bible Studies cataloged here. They are available not only for our people's use, but for anyone from other churches who might be interested. Thanks for the reminder. Bless you!

I recently discovered a book (although I haven't read it yet) that seems like it's in the same vein as Lee Strobel's Case for Christ.  It's called Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel by David Limbaugh.

On a personal note, thank you for asking the question.  I felt so encouraged as I read through others' responses.  My understanding of the church library as a ministry was greatly clarified.

Prayerfully -- for you, your meeting, and church libraries all over -- 


Thanks for the suggestion. I'll definitely look into it.  I'm so grateful for this group. It has helped me in so many ways! Bless you!

Really like the book Playing on God's Team by T.C. Stallings. It is a 21 week devotional. I have found Terri Blackstock's books to be well written and to have a Gospel message. They are favorites in our church library. The If I Run is her new series. I especially like her Cape Refuge series. Books by Stormie Ormartin, esp. the Praying for Your Adult Children is good. I am always looking for good Children's books, esp. like Stephen Elkins and Joel Anderson. (Tell me about Eternity). Hope this will help.

What about biographies? Many biographies for all ages inspire - to come to Christ, to grow deeper in our faith and to share the Good News. 

Examples of 3 series in our library: 

Christian Heroes: Then & Now collection written by Janet and Geoff Benge.....published by YWAM

Heroes for Young Readers published by YWAM

Little Lights series by Catherine MacKenzie

Amen to those.   Also,  YMAM (Youth with a mission) has a series of biographies for young people.   

Good Idea. We do have a few biographies, but not nearly enough.  I'll add them to my list. Bless you!

The first book in my Sonrise Stable series, has a strong salvation message for children.

God chose to reveal Himself to us through the written word. And Jesus is called the Word. I think it's dangerous how we are getting away from books and the written word.

Some people don't seem to like the Left Behind series, but early in my Christian journey I read those several times. It inspired me to study Revelation and increased my sense of urgency to witness to people.

You've made a good point about the Left Behind Series. I've encountered a number of people (including Me) who have dug deeper because of those stories.  

In responding to those who are of the opinion that a church library is not important, I think, perhaps, we need to first address, with that person, what the role of the church actually is. The role of the “visible” church contributes to the introduction of Christ to the non-believer, but it is so much more. It also exists to strengthen new and mature believers in their knowledge of and faith in Jesus Christ through Biblical preaching and teaching and the exposure to Bible based reference materials that the new believer, and in some instances the more mature believer, may never have known existed. All of the reference materials that are in a Christ centered church library are produced by God through other Christians for this very purpose. God uses men and women to teach others about Himself, His Son, and His Spirit. 

In using the the term reference materials, I do not mean to discount the impact and effect of Christian fiction, for it too is a medium and means by which non-believers and believers alike are introduced to and influenced in their walk with Christ and the body of Christ, the church. God uses every available means to draw His people closer to Him. That also includes children’s books, videos, etc. 



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