Can you suggest any titles on heaven for the 13 to 15 age group. Or anything on grieving. 

thank You Barbara

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I seem to remember a junior book by Randy Alcorn- cannot remember the title.  

You've probably already done this, but I went to to see what they had on grief for children.

8-12- Tear Soup

Someone I love Died - Tangvald (like everything she writes)

Tell Me About Heaven- Alcorn (I think that was the one I was thinking about)

Martha, I did not relize Tear Soup was for children.  I will get that one and I did find Heaven by Randy Alcorn. 

 I Thank you 

It came up under grief and loss for children on CBD- I have not read it.

I read Tear Soup a few days ago. I think it was written for children, but would be a simple, helpful book for adults as well.  Not "heavy" to read when one is really not in the mood for heavy!



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