Does anybody know of a church library that is starting up/over and/or does not have any books.  We have been weeding and weeding heavy in preparation for a move in the future.  We also have books given to us that we already have in our collection.  This is the wrong time of the year for a book sale and we would love to gift a library with what we have in storage or let them come and go through the boxes. 

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Joy, in reviewing our Q's & A's, I noticed that there had been no response to your post. First, let me say congratulations on doing a great job of weeding. Now, as far as contributing those weeded books to other libraries, DON'T! New libraries need new books like new Christians need new Bibles! The only books which should be given to other libraries are those good duplicates which we no longer need. A library is better off to have a few books everyone wants to read rather than hundreds of books just taking up shelves.

In other words, if books are outdated, in poor conditon, print too fine, or just not suitable for a church library (weeding is also a time to remove those books which should have never been there in the first place), they shouldn't be given to other church libraries. Remember that our goal is not quantity but quality.

You can use some of those old books for book repair classes, make decorative pieces for the library--take three books of graduated sizes, spray paint, tie a pretty ribbon around them topped with pretty flowers makes an attractive display. I've even heard of a church library that had someone to sell some of the old books on ebay. There are also places that collect old Biblically based books and send them to other countries. We have one of those in our area and donate many of our weeded books to them. I've also had homeschooling families to look over our weeded books and they have found some they would like.
Thanks for your answer. We did pass books on to a beginning church library in IN; however, the books we passed on were either brand new or gently used. (Great minds think alike!) If they were from the ones we weeded, I made sure that they were some that were in great shape and not some that were yellowed, etc...
We have been doing the same thing - - - have weeded close to 1,000 this past year. We will move the first week in September. Some books were given to a library restocking from a burn-out in Cleveland, TN. Has it been difficult for you to weed? Many titles haven't bothered me to take off the shelves but some have "hurt" to give away. I get too attached to our collection - - - love those books like my children!
The majority of books were offered to our congregation since they were the ones who originally purchased them. We have had three weekends about a month apart from each other where we just set stacks and stacks of books on tables and it is first come, first served, and unannounced. We figure those who frequent us on a regular basis will see the reward.
Yes, it has been difficult to weed. I went through the jr fiction this past week. I have read a lot of the books and knowing how good some of the books were it was hard to give them up. We have started a perpetual book sale...suggested prices are hardcover .50 and paperback .25. we placed one set of shelves in a high traffic area and did some publicity work. The congregation has responded and we fill the shelves as they empty. we will either buy new books with what comes in or save the money for our move.
We have a collection of about 5,000 titles and have to weed regularly as our space is limited. (They claim our building is about 400 years old and it is in the center of the city). English language books are somewhat difficult to find here and Christian books, even if somewhat out-of-date are always hot items. We put them out at a give-away table for the congregation and they usually go quickly. We have gotten rid of all our videos and a many of the books that were donated by people leaving. Happy weeding.


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