We have a book cart that we take up to the children's area each Sunday morning for children to check out and return books, since their area is no longer on the way to the Church Library. Children have no place to return their books if they are running late once we take the book cart back to the library so they just prop them against the wall or stack them on the floor. Does anyone out there have a suggestion for an inexpensive book return box that would be relatively secure? I hate to see these books go missing.




Nancy Martin

FBC Grapevine Texas 

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i have asked our Buildings and Grounds crew to make me one. I found an indoor wooden one on locking casters that i liked online, but the price was insane. If you have any carpenters or skilled workman in your congregation, why not see if someone can make one? All it really needs to be is a box with a slit for the books. I requested a hinged door be added with a small lock for security and some lockable wheels. I plan to put a piece of foam in the bottom to protect the books when they are put through the slot. You could even have the kids decorate it.
Thanks for the ideas,especially the one about the kids decorating it. It would certainly bring more attention to it than a plain box.



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