Hello all.

Does anyone have this book?  The author is Eben Alexander, M.D.  The LoC has the call number as 617.48 which is specifically about neurosurgery.  On OCLC it is also listed as 133.9 (which is Spiritualism) and as a biography.  I'm just not sure what would be best for a church library.

Any thoughts on how to catalog this book?

Sharln Chapman

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My recollection about this book was that it was not Biblically sound, which is why it was given a "Spiritualism" heading rather than some aspect of Christianity. My guess is that most church libraries would not add it to their collection for that reason. I would recommend that if you decide to include it you would read it first, or ask a very knowledgeable Christian to read and evaluate for you, and see if it lines up with your church library "Mission Statement" or acquisition policy, and with your church or denomination's Statement of Faith (doctrinal beliefs). I hope this helps.

I do not have this particular book, but there are several written along the same line such as "Heaven is for real."  I certainly would not place such books under the number for heaven because there are so many doubts about the accuracy of the content.   I think I would place the book under biography because it is one's story of what happened.  



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