I could find the classification for Autism; however, the book in our library is self-published about a boy and his autism service dog.  Any suggestions?


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At the Library of Congress, I found the subjects:  1. Austistic Children, 2. Service Dogs, 3. Memoirs.  For the Call Number I would use:  920.--- (plus the first 3 letters of the author's last name.)

Thank you, Ann.  That will do it!

You're very welcome.  I love hunting for the proper subject headings.

I see you have your answer, but in our library, I would probably have put it in the same place as the other books on autism.  For a small library, I think it can make sense to bend the Dewey system just a bit at times.

Yes, I am learning this all the time!

For my curiosity could you give the title, author and publishing date?



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