I'm comparing several systems for a MLS class.  It seems many church libraries use Concourse, but RCL's system seems pretty good, expecially for the price.  Any words of wisdom from actual users?

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I have uses the RCL Media library Manager for our church for five years and I uses the Media Library for my personal library and I am happy hope it works. The pricing is great for a starting library with a small budget. It had not limit to the size of material on the system beside the size of memory on your computer. The only draw I have follow is backup can only be done to 31/2 discs or a flashdrive. No Cd. if you have any question I can help you with please fell free to email at frbclibraryministry@gmail.com I hope this information was helpful.
Thanks for the info!
We have been using ResourceMate for our automation software for the past year. For the price, I have been over the top pleased with the program. We house two library collections in one library room. (4,000 volumes in church collection, 8,000 in the Academy collection). To help maintain and support Sunday as the Sabboth day of rest, we do not allow borrowing from the Academy collection on Sunday. We have been able to set up the program to support our usage. Love ResourceMate!

Well, after living another year with our old database we are taking the plunge and getting RCL.  I may get some gray hairs during the transition, but I'm looking forward to having a system that is made for small church libraries.

Please keep us posted on your experience!




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