We are starting to incorporate adult coloring books into our collection.  We are wondering how to classify them.   One is titled Color the Names of God and the other is Whatever is Lovely: A coloring book for reflection and worship.

Should we classify them by topic as usual and just count the coloring as a different type of media?  Or is there a particular classification for coloring books?  if the latter, does it further break it down for this new phenomenon that is sweeping our culture?

Thank you to all and have a wonderfully blessed day!

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How about 745 Decorative Arts and Design.

I'd consider Adult Coloring books as a consumable craft supply. Will they circulate and be marked up? I've read that some public libraries have coloring book sessions for their adults with the materials supplied. I'm an inmate (ops, resident) of a retirement home and this is one of the activities available.

Copying pages from these books is probably prohibited by copyright laws. You can find free coloring pages by googling Free Coloring Pages

Good reply, Buford.

I was thinking the same thing about the copyright law. If the pages are reproducible, it will likely state that on the title page.

I'm just now seeing your post about adult coloring books.  I certainly have no plans to place them in our library.  I agree with Buford and Sandra about the copyright issue.  We have a copying machine in our library and I was always having teachers bring coloring book pages to be copied for the children.  When I refused to copy them for copyright reasons, they were very disappointed.  I purchased a coloring book that was copyright free--a larger book--and asked them to choose one from there.

Every page may not have a copyright notice but there should be something at the front of the book to indicate if it is copyright free if it is.  I consider the adult coloring books as books for individual ownership.  There no longer has to be the "c" in a circle to indicate copyright.  

It's great to always be looking for ways we can serve our people.  We do have several that I know about who love the adult coloring books.    I would just advise them to google to find those which are copyright free.  The only possible way that I can see to have a coloring book in the library is to have one and let people choose a page they want and tear it out for them.  Of course it would not need to be processed.  Even with that, I think I would just leave them out, Jean.  You are always so creative.

Is your intent to circulate and allow library customers to color a limited or unlimited number of  pages before returning?  Might be fun to try!  If so, I would probably classify and shelve with 700's.  Another option would be to place the coloring books and colors on an adult able in or near your library as a type of passive programming and invite them to use the book in house.  Maybe you could print a small sign to be placed with it inviting adults and teens to color a page.  However, you may want to provide a similar activity in the children's area so they will have something to color as well!   

We have one which is in a ziploc bag along with a box of colored pencils. We circulate it for folks to color and initial a page, kind of as a sort of community art project. My local public library does this - it's where I got the idea. Not too many have done it yet but we're not in any rush.



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