I am looking for an updated hard copy of "A Classification Guide For Church Libraries". The copy I am using is 1996 and I know there is one dated 2004. I have looked everywhere I know to look, but most are priced way out of my range, $200.00-500.00. I had found one at B.A.M. Marketplace for right at 150.00 (includes tax and shipping) but it never arrived and they are refunding my money.

I know there is a download for 8.95 at Lifeway. If I download am I allowed to print it off?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Here is a link to one at Lifeway, revised and published in 2014:  https://www.lifeway.com/en/product/a-classification-system-for-chur...

Thank you, do you know if it is ok to print it after downloading it?

Yes, that is the idea with the pdf editions. By all means print, just don't sell it. :)



Thank you!

That's what I just did. Purchased online and immediately had it on my computer. I put it on an USB and printed it off at Staples as I much prefer a hard copy.

Did you have them put a spiral binding on it? I totally forgot to mention Staples. THANKS! That is what others have done with Church Library Ministry Information Service. Lots of people have used binders in a closet so they have three-hole punch done.

Thank you!

Thank you!

I had a white binder with a clear cover sleeve so I put the cover in the front and punched the rest of the pages (I forgot to have them punch it so had to do 5 pages at a time at home lol!). Book download was $12 (Canadian) and printing close to $20 (black and white) but Staples has way better quality paper that will last much longer than the thinner paper I have at home.

Thank- you!

Thank you!



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