The library of FBC Griffin, GA has a huge archive of sermon audio and VHS tapes and DVDs, with more recent ones stored online with Vimeo at this point.  We are in the investigation process of how to best convert all of these items to MP4 format and have links in our Atriuum cataloging available to access them for posterity. A specific question would be what type of server are folks using to store such files?
We would appreciate knowing what other libraries, historical societies, etc. are doing to maintain and make available these important historical items. Any leads you can share personally to individuals that might be able to give us suggestions would be appreciated. 
Thanks in advance for your assistance in our project.
Joyce and Brian McCartney

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  • Joyce and Brian, this is Steve Gateley, librarian at the SBC Library and Archives in Nashville, Tennessee.  Morlee asked me to add my two cents-worth.

    In order to "standardize" all of the varying audio recordings we have ... and we have plenty (DVD, VHS, reel-to-reel tape, CD, vinyl records, cassette tape) ... we use a simple little machine called a Marantz Professional ( to change whatever format an original recording is into a MP4 file. For example, we connect the Marantz to our CD player; play the CD; and the Marantz records the audio CD into a MP4 file on the Marantz. Then from the Marantz, the file can be moved to our main frame in the SBC building for permanent storage (which is automatically backed up). At the present time, our website ( does not provide a link to the MP4 file, but persons can access a transcript of the file on our website and by contacting us we then e-mail or send a hard disc copy of the MP4 file to the person requesting. But if you wanted an audio link embedded on Atriuum or a website, I would check with Booksystems or your website master.

    Also, check with your local state Baptist library and archives. (In your case, Mercer University.) They may have additional information on how they archive and provide access to such files. And one more thing, I can't speak for state Baptist libraries and archives, but they might be interested in adding your sermons to their collection, since they are in the business of perserving their state's Baptist history. They might even create the files with the understanding that they get to keep a copy.  Pray that this is helpful. God bless.

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