We have a wonderful book called, "Two Nations Under God, Why You Should Care about Israel," by Tom Doyle, and recommended by Joel C. Rosenberg  It's about the history of Israel and its relation to the United States.  The recommended DD number is 956.94.  What my concern is that if I put it on the shelf by that number, no one will ever find it.  We have very few books in the 900's except for 920's.  Does anyone have a suggestion as where a better number would be to make the book more accessible?  

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  • Thank you so much for mentioning this book.  I looked it up and decided it looked so good, I am purchasing a copy for our library.  I probably will use 956.9, but since the author is a missionary telling about the growth of faith in the Middle East, I would also suggest missions - 266, or 266.023 for foreign missions.  While I know we could stretch out those numbers after the decimal to be more specific as to the location, my patrons and I prefer to keep it simple.


    • I'm sure you will really like the book  I like to keep my DD numbers simple also and try to use the suggested ones with one or two extension, and occasionally 3 estensions.  Jacie Huffman suggested the number 261.2 and I've decided to give it that number, with the subject heading of United State and Israel Relations.

  • Try displaying it face out, thereby calling attention to it and to the 956's.

    • Yes, I have done that as I have previously posted.  But I am concerned about long term placement.

  • 327.73 is a number we have used concerning America and Israel relations


    Joan Hite

    Liberty Baptist Hampton, VA


    • Joan, after checking in my "A Classification System for Church Libraries" book, I could not find the number 327.72.  Where did you find that number and what were the subjects listed for it, please?

    • Thank you for that suggestion.  I will it out.

  • Ann - I have the same dilemma. My 956's would be behind all my biography's and I don't think people would look there.  I would probably put it with my social/political theology books in 261.2  


    • Jackie, thanks for that suggestion.  When get to the library on Wednesday I will check out that call number.  Hoping that will be a solution!

    • That is also a good idea.   

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