We have about 30 J. Vernon McGee paperbacks/pamphlets that are 8" x 5" in size.

Members like them because they are short but also good theology.

The titles are all on the front cover so they are often overlooked when browsing through a bookshelf


Does anyone have a good idea of how to shelve or display these small treasures? 

Marilyn Trueblood

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  • Update 11/11/19.  People LOVE reading these pamphlets.  They are short enough that the reader feels GREAT that they have completed it and they find the material very thoughtful and interesting.  Does anyone know of other authors that have similar pamphlets that we could add to our collection?

  • My husband & I looked at the plexiglass displays and realized we could build something if we were a little creative. (We have more wall space than horizontal space). We took a "what if we used..." trip to Lowes and came up with our design. Using a piece of leftover luan as the backer & some plastic J channel (usually used with drywall) & three 1/4" dowels we created a display that holds all but 4 of our pamphlets.  I will swap in the Christmas pamphlets starting in November.  With luck, there is a picture below.


  • Well, there is old school " vertical file" or you could use magazine file boxes (https://www.demco.com/magbox-trade-mini-periodical-magazine-storage). There are rotating display options also (https://www.demco.com/countertop-rotating-literature-displays)

    magbox™ Mini Periodical Magazine Storage
    magbox Acrylic Display For Mini Periodical 7-1/2H x6-1/2W
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