Since our church has been closed because of COVID19, I thought it would be a good idea to keep the church family informed by posting on our church FB page the new media, book reviews, library catalog website, offer to deliver books, etc.  So far I have not had any response to those postings.  Yesterday I decided to post an inquiry as to whether or not there was any interest and whether I should keep posting.  So far I have had only two replies, both positive, and at least 23 people have viewed the post.  Needless to say, I am discouraged, which I try not to be.  What advice can you share on (1) how to avoid discouragement and (2) when to give up on the FB posting?  Thanks in advance. 

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    • Thanks to all who responded to my post.  Let me say that my posts on our church FaceBook page are short and to the point, usually about a new book, movie, or study DVD.  I also do library newsletters, but have not been able to do that since our church is closed because of the shut down.  That is why I turned to FaceBook.  

      I, too, feel very strongly that this is the ministry that God called me to do and that is why I have stayed faithful to it all these years and will continue to do so.  I think that I just had a "Jeremiah" moment and reached out in a time of weakness.  All is well and as Paul said, "I press on, that I may lay hold for that which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me."

      Regarding Suzan Buchholz's comment about the imminent rapture of the church, I believe there are many, many people who also believe that, including me.  I like your point about having a complete library for those who will be left behind. 

  • Ann, I have found that it is really hit or miss with Facebook. I had a similar experience when posting library information on our church Facebook page. I have not posted library information on that page in quite some time due to the disappointment.

    I am also on the board of our local public Friends of the Library and maintain that Facebook page. I am always fascinated at how some posts really take off and get lots of comments and engagement and some just fall flat. I was lucky to discover during April that people were eager to see something that was not virus-related. I started posting vintage books available for purchase when the libraries reopened. Almost all of those books were reserved within a few minutes. We got many new followers and had an incredible response. But even then, I found that posting on different days or different times of day really made a difference. It takes a lot of trial and error to engage with your Facebook audience. Just keep trying!
  • I don't know what you are posting but this is what I did for June.

    Our library is open Mon and Wed mornings right now and June is National Candy Month so I took a picture of a bowl of candy and said June is National Candy Month come by and get yours with the days and hours.

    Most of my post for the library are like that for new books I will take photo of group of books and come see what else we have new or new books come check them out. I Try to keep it short and colorful and always make sure that days/hours and a phone number included and I only post about once a week or every other week  Putting it on not just the church page but also the Women's Ministry page and another one church maintains that way the ones that only look at one page are more likely to see it

  • And you might be discouraged that no one has responded to your post here. I'm thinking people our weary of social media these days. Perhaps you are posting too much information for right now. Something short and easy to read would play a role in your ministry staying in touch with people. Could be some of you people see the books you are adding to your collection as recommendations. Instead of having you deliver a book, they purchase it for themselves. I'm thinking you are getting an introduction to the new normal. We need to start grappling with that on the CLN.  Be encouraged that you are not alone on this journey!

    • Thank you for replying to my post, Morlee.  Please know that my discouragement is not stemming from the Church Librarian Network.  It is from no response to my Facebook posts on my church's Facebook page.  I can understand that people may be getting tired of social media.  Yes, perhaps this is going to be part of the new "normal."  I'm anticipating many changes ahead.

      I am encouraged, however, by my bible study and devotion time this morning.  I feel the Lord used this to speak to me in answer to my prayers.  Pastor Jon Courson wrote in his "Application Commentary New Testament" these words regarding Paul's ministry:  "How was Paul able to continue in ministry even when people threw rocks at him?  By serving the Lord rather than serving people. . . . If, however, you are in ministry not to serve people or to satisfy some innate need within you -- you will endure through good and bad times, through the spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons of your life."  

      What I need to do is keep my focus on serving the Lord; the people are secondary. 

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