Library supply questions

Hello everyone,

Some general supply questions:

1) Bar-code reader. We are switching to barcodes, therefore will need a bar-code reader. Any preferences on wired versus wireless? I just realized wireless would work best during inventory. Recommendations on a particular reader? Does your library use 1 reader, or is more needed? (we have a 3,000 volume space).

2) Paperback book corner protectors. We've always used book tape to reinforce our paperbook book corners. Any recommendations on other supplies that work as well that are reasonably priced?

3) When attaching barcodes, someone on this sight thankfully recommended placing the outer barcode label on the upper right corner of the back of the book, so one can tilt the book out during inventory and easily scan. Is the label placed to read from the top corner down, or flipped around to read from the center area upwards?

4) For the outer barcode label, do you cover with a label protector?

Thanks for any thoughts or ideas. Apologies if this seems in a rush.


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