I have received three book by John Grisham and am wondering if anyone has any of his books in their church library.  I have them in my personal library and they are good mystery/suspense books that do not have vulgar language and no sex.  However, they are certainly not faith-based novels.  Do any of you have books of this type in your libraries?

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    • Susan, thank you for the suggestion of Randy Singer.  I will check them out.

  • I have enjoyed John Grisham's legal novels as much as anybody, but we do not have them in our library.  I gladly direct readers to novelists such as Robert Whitlow or Craig Parshall (Chambers of Justice series), both of whom have written a number of legal thrillers but with a Christian message.

    • Brian, I am a great fan of Robert Whitlow's books.  Just learned about him last year.  Thank you so much for mentioning Craig Parshall, another that I had not heard of.  I am certainly going to look into his Chambers of Justice series.  Thanks again!

  • Our Enrichment Center team differs among ourselves as to what to do with the Grisham books in our collection. We compromised by agreeing to keep the book The Testament because it has the plan of salvation in the storyline. BTW, we also have a place on our counter for books that some of our people would question. This way our team members can give readers a heads up if they want to check it out.

    • Several people now have mentioned The Testament by John Grisham.  I am going to make a point to read that book.  Thank you.

  • Our church library does have Grisham's Theodore Boone series in the older children's area.  The first book was recommended by one of my team who was, at the time, middle school librarian and wanted to add books  that had good family values and were morally sound.  I read it and was hooked.  These are not Christian books but Theodore's mom and day take him to church and they say a blessing before meals.  They go one night a week to feed the homeless and Theodore helps the children with homework.  He is in middle school.  Since both parents are lawyers, his school mates thinks he is a lawyer too and frequently bring their troubles to him for advice - hence the books get into situations that kids have to face, and gives good guidance how to handle these.  Central Baptist, Decatur, AL does not put these in their library because their selection policy states that if an author's adult books do not meet the standards, their children's books cannot be added to the collection.  We do not have that in ours.  Our library team did evaluate this series and decided they would be a good fit for us.  We do not put his adult books in our collection.  Hope this helps.

    • Even as an adult, I like the Theodore Boone books because he is a good kid wanting to help people and they are fun and enjoyable.  We don't have them in our library but there is no reason why kids can't read them.  I've decided to not add the adult books to our library.  Thank you so much for your reply.

  • We did have his book, "The Testament" in our library for a number of years until it became too old and we needed the space. In fact, we used it to launch our monthly book group that's been meeting for 12 years. I also remember reading  at the time that it was in some part his own personal testimony.  If you haven't read it, I do recommend it.  I've personally read a number of his books, thought it's been years now.  As often happens, I found myself ready to move on to a different author.  Those I read were clean. often looked at issues from a moral standpoint gsve me great food for thought.  Having said that, our criterion library and book group wise, is Christian based (with the notable excpetion of some of our children's books, those I call "fun", but teach behaviour and life lessons).  We also don't use valuable space (our library is small) for books that are readily available at the public library.  

    • I read The Testament also, and thought that it was a very good book, plus some others of his. I agree that his books are written from a good moral standpoint.  Hoever, I've decided to not put them in our library and just pass them on.  I really appreciate your reply.

  • I know of one church library (not mine) that use to keep him under the counter and if you asked he was brought out so you could check him out. While we don't have any of his from the ones I have read I would have no problem putting them in after all we have Debbie Macomber 


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