Yearly Devotional Exchange

I mentioned this in a previous post regarding an abundance of Devotionals and what to do with them.  Thought it would be a good idea to post here as this works well at our church.  We have an annual devotional exchange which takes place on the last Sunday in December and the first Sunday of January.  All of our existing devotionals are put on tables in the foyer on the last Sunday of the year.  Our members are encouraged to bring in their used devotionals and get new ones.  Over the two Sundays books come and go so the choices change.  I encourage members to take 2 or more books to put in different parts of their home and even in their car. (Red lights change faster when you are in the word and stalled traffic jams don't seem so horrible! Just put them down when traffic moves!) I have a section just for children and teens too.  Our members are now looking forward to getting new devotionals for the new year and my shelves are not weighted down with unused books.  It's a matter of making them visible as our library is in a portable.  I advertise a couple of weeks before Christmas and during Christmas with flyers in the bulletins.

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  • What a good idea. I don't add them to my accession list, I just have them out. I may try your idea, too.

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