Hi everyone,

I stumbled across a great sale on Lifeway. The Holman NT and OT Commentaries are on sale for $4 per book (I'm thinking they are getting ready to publish an updated version). I was able to purchase the entire NT set (12 volumes) for $48 and 18 of the 20 OT set (they are out of the Chronicles and Judges books).

I purchased 2 NT sets - one for the library and one for myself (I really like this commentary). I had purchased the OT set for the library a few months ago, but purchased the 18 volumes for my little home library.

If you click on one of books, the remaining books should be listed at the bottom of the page. Also note, Psalms is 2 volumes. They are offering free shipping for $50 and up. I suggest going to ChristianBook.com to review an excerpt of the books (LifeWay could improve their website layout).

Love a bargain!


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