I am a new member of this network so hope to gain some knowledge and insight through interaction here and looking at some resources.

I am just now, starting on a volunteer basis, taking a look at a library space in my current church in Atlanta with the hopes of building some sort of lending body of books.  There is a "smattering" of a collection to which I have the ability to add some volumes (donations).  But, a disclaimer up front, just to be clear...no money to begin with!

I welcome your advice and suggestions on how to begin to organize, and work toward a lending system, for an amount of books (not counted yet) that fill up half to 3/4 of tall shelving in approximately the space size of a large walk-in closet.

I have looked at both LibraryThing.com and Worldcat.org.  Would welcome your thoughts on the pros and cons of each.

First of all, a good way to create a shelflist and a list of books for church members to access and way for them to borrow (a "catalog" of sorts to begin with without spending money on software).

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Jessica Hudson

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I am using a free software programme called 'Librarika' - in fact we have now upgraded to a paid version. Most books can be added by their ISBN and all information will then be automatically loaded. We are currently adding barcoding and Librarika has made this very easy as it is automatic and barcodes can be printed straight from the programme. There is also an option to give borrowers receipts for the books borrowed and an option for overdue notices to be sent automatically. The support behind the programme is terrific. 

I do think it is worth thinking ahead somewhat to how you envision your library in the future and what your library ministry will encompass.

For those struggling with Dewey - http://classify.oclc.org/ is the place to go for finding the most used Dewey classification for any book - but don't be afraid to use an alternative number if it suits your library - it isn't an exact science!


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